Reclaim the Night Gig

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In order to raise money for causes to end violence and the fear of violence against women, comedienne and activist Liz Ely is being sponsored to wear a beard for a week! Motivated by the lack of funding for women’s organisations, Liz came up with idea as way to gain both funds and attention for women’s organisations.

‘I’m too lazy to run a marathon, and too much of a wimp to throw myself out of a plane. What I am good at is getting attention, and I have a very high embarrassment threshold’

The week of beard wearing will commence on the 20th of February, and Liz will keep a live blog of her experiences.

‘I am passionately committed to the fight against men’s violence towards women, hopefully when people ask me why the hell I have a fake beard on, I can tell them a bit about Reclaim the Night. I can use my attention seeking nature for good instead of evil’.

The beard challenge will be launched on the 18th of February, starting 7.30 at The Bowery with performances from raging eccentric Withered hand, the more ballsy Americana sound of glasgow based trio Sparrow and the Workshop and Fence collective favourite Jo Foster.

The money raised will be split between Reclaim the Night 2009, a march taking place on international women’s day, and Zero Tolerance an Edinburgh based organisation committed to tackling violence at its cause.


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