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5th October

Women’s Abortion Rights Scotland
Celebrating Pro-Choice Week
Demonstrate outside the Scottish Parliament
Thursday 25 October 2007, 12 noon
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act and yet women’s right to access safe and legal abortions have never been more under attack.
My womb is not a public space.
Show your support for a woman’s right to choose,
to control her own body and
to access healthcare.
The First Minister Alex Salmond announced recently that a Commission would be set up to look into making abortion a devolved issue with a view to decreasing the time limits on abortion.
We believe that the reason for making abortion a devolved issue is to further restrict women’s access to terminations as demanded by interested groups such as the Catholic Church.
Have your say! – Let Members of the Scottish Parliament know that you support the right to abortion and reject attempts to restrict women’s access to it further.
For information email:
Women’s Abortion Rights Scotland has been set up in the last few weeks as a campaigning focus for women and men in Scotland concerned by the attacks on the right to abortion. We are non-affiliated, cross-party and welcome all individuals of faith who support the right to abortion.

 6th September

From Scottish Women Against Pornography

Quentin Tarantino is coming to Glasgow for a preview of his film Death
Proof, which has been condemned as a film that eroticises violence against
women. In this film, Kurt Russell plays the role of a man who likes to
stalk women, run them down in his car and eventually kill them. Along with
the film, Tarantino even made an action-man figure of himself entitled
Rapist No1.
Scottish Women Against Pornography- SWAP and the Scottish Coalition Against
Sexual Exploitation- SCASE will be protesting against Tarantino at the opening of
this film – making a stand against violence and rape of women as
entertainment and against the Rapist No 1 action man doll.

The protest will be held on September 10th, from 6.15pm – 7pm, at Glasgow
Film Theatre, Rose Street, Glasgow. If you’d like to come please let us
know by emailing SCASE or SWAP

If you can’t attend, but would like to voice your complaints , then contact
the cinema at

1st September

Rapist No 1

Protest Quentin Tarantino in Liverpool.

Tarantino is due to be in Liverpool to launch his latest film “Grindhouse”, a violent misogynic film on the back of which the “Rapist No 1” Action figure has been marketed. According to Debzine-

“Tarantino’s visit is being hailed as a triumph as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture. If watching women being raped, tortured and killed is not your idea of a cultural night out, you might want to take part in the protest which is being organised in Liverpool.”

For more info go to Debzine or Charliegrrl

Object AGM:

Object’s AGM Find out more about our work. Join us at the launch of our ‘Lap Dance Challenge’.
Guest Speakers include Councillors and a former pole dancer
And see the preview of anti-Playboy film ‘Bin the Bunny’Sat 22nd Sept
Amensty International
£5 Donation
For more information go to Object’s home page 

25th August 

 From BWRAP ( black women’s rape action project ) through UK feminist Action

Pegah Emambakhsh is an Iranian woman who sought asylum in the UK in 2005. Her claim failed. She was arrested in Sheffield and is being held in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.If returned to Iran, Pegah faces imprisonment and possibly stoning to death. Her crime in Iran is her sexual orientation – she was in a relationship with another woman.

Pegah escaped from Iran, claiming asylum, after her partner was arrested, tortured and subsequently sentenced to death by stoning. Her father was also arrested and interrogated about her whereabouts. He was eventually released but not before he had been tortured himself.

Pegah has a more than well founded fear of persecution if she is returned to Iran. She belongs to a group of people – gays and lesbians – who, it is well known, are severely persecuted in Iran.

According to Iranian human rights campaigners, many lesbians and gay men have been executed since the Ayatollahs came to power in 1979. According to gay rights group Outrage ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is qualitatively more homophobic than almost any other state on earth. Its government-promoted and religious-sanctione d torture and execution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people marks out Iran as a state acting in defiance of all agreed international human rights conventions. ‘ 

More details and how you can help available here:

http://www.ncadc. folder/emmaginns folder/aug% 2007/pegah. htm


1 Comment Add your own

  • 1. Catherine Harper  |  February 27, 2008 at 1:28 am

    Hi efn
    Re protesting Edinburgh university’s ‘Miss Student Body’ is a great idea. Edinburgh university has in the past a pole dancing
    competition for female student’s on a Friday night. I was contacted by the press before Christmas about the student magazine site being
    taken over by masses of extreme pornography sites. What is going on with Edinburgh University. Haven’t they heard about Sex Discrimination, Equalities or Gender Duty?

    Thinking about ways of protesting I think that
    women protesting dressed as pieces of meat may backfire
    and play straight into the hands of misogynists who believe
    all women are cows and meat for men to consume sexually.

    What about a peaceful demonstration with
    some suitable placards having slogans saying
    something like ‘women are human too not pieces of meat.’
    Or ‘women are not men’s sexualised objects’.
    I believe the media would be interested in this protest
    and could help draw public attention to the competition.
    I have some contacts within the media and am happy to help.

    Likewise having women go along in order to focus on the
    size of their bodies feeds straight into men’s misogyny too.
    We shouldn’t have to focus on women’s bodies women are more
    than their bodies.
    Also I don’t think this kind of student activity will
    impress young people/ prospective students or parents considering
    applying to Edinburgh University. What kind of a message
    is Edinburgh University sending by hosting ‘Amiss Student Body’
    a contest that offers money as a reward for your looks? It is unbelievable that a university such as Edinburgh
    With its first class academic reputation, should see fit to promote this outdated and sexist promotion.

    Yet, when it comes to women – once
    again they are still being seen as just men’s
    sexual toys. Soon education will be irrelevant
    for young women just be sexually appealing to men
    and don’t worry about earning a living.

    Look forward to hearing back and other ideas for a protest
    against this Catherine (Harper) SWAP


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