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Next Meeting

The next planning meeting will be on Tuesday the 24th (ie this coming Tuesday) at 6pm in the Lounge Room in Teviot Union.  There is wheelchair access.  Don’t worry if you aren’t a student as there will be someone hanging around to sign you in.  Please do come along if you’re interested, we’re very non-scary!  If you have any questions or concerns then email


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We’re back!

Its time to start organising the next Reclaim the Night march, and so this is your first chance to get involved! Many of those involved in organising the last march are unable to commit to another run so we’re looking for some new women to get involved with the next one, to bring new ideas, energy, planning skills etc. We’ll be meeting Monday the 9th (this Monday) at 6pm in the Filmhouse cafe (good wheelchair access, feel free to bring children). This is a chance for those who have been involved in the past to hand over the information and skills they have collected to those who want to organise the next one. You’re not making a massive commitment by coming along, feel free to come along if you just want to find out about more.

The filmhouse cafe is quite big, so if you can’t find us or just don’t know anyone then feel free to call 07988187031 and we will come find you!

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Next Skillshare

Will be this Sunday (the 22nd) from 2-5 at 1b Greenhill Terrace in Bruntsfield (just off Whitehouse Loan).  We’re going to be doing some basic British Sign Language, learning the alphabet, how to say our names, where we live, what we do and how to greet people.

If you want to learn some new skills in a relaxed and totally non-intimidating environment then we’d love to see you there.

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Reclaim the Night Gig

In order to raise money for causes to end violence and the fear of violence against women, comedienne and activist Liz Ely is being sponsored to wear a beard for a week! Motivated by the lack of funding for women’s organisations, Liz came up with idea as way to gain both funds and attention for women’s organisations.

‘I’m too lazy to run a marathon, and too much of a wimp to throw myself out of a plane. What I am good at is getting attention, and I have a very high embarrassment threshold’

The week of beard wearing will commence on the 20th of February, and Liz will keep a live blog of her experiences.

‘I am passionately committed to the fight against men’s violence towards women, hopefully when people ask me why the hell I have a fake beard on, I can tell them a bit about Reclaim the Night. I can use my attention seeking nature for good instead of evil’.

The beard challenge will be launched on the 18th of February, starting 7.30 at The Bowery with performances from raging eccentric Withered hand, the more ballsy Americana sound of glasgow based trio Sparrow and the Workshop and Fence collective favourite Jo Foster.

The money raised will be split between Reclaim the Night 2009, a march taking place on international women’s day, and Zero Tolerance an Edinburgh based organisation committed to tackling violence at its cause.

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Next Skill Share

Feminist Skills Exchange, 15h of February, 2-5 , 27/3 Johns Lane

– suggested donation £3


Are you tired of giving boring, impersonal presents? Broke? Trying to escape the tendrils of global capitalism? The you won’t want to miss the Gift-Making Skillshare.

Find out how easy it is to start giving handmade gifts birthdays, Christmas, and everything in between. Make your own sweets, bath smellies and microwavable heat-pad from scratch to take home – minimal skill required.

All ingredients and materials supplied (plus tea and biscuits), but if you have a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut card or thin fabric, please help us out by bringing them with you.

For more information, contact alysonmacdonald at hotmail dot com.

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Message from Scottish Women’s Aid

2009 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Simone de Beauvoir’s ground-breaking book ‘The Second Sex’ in which she asked the question ‘what is a woman?.  To celebrate International Women’s Day 2009 and the anniversary of the book’s publication, Scottish Women’s Aid is asking what it means to be a woman in 2009.  We plan to create an interactive ‘virtual exhibition’ operated through our web-site, gathering answers from women as well as public figures.

 Beauvoir drew on biology, history, philosophy and anthropology to conclude that during her own time, and previous to it, woman was ‘Other’ to the normal male human being, the second sex, discriminated against, objectified, less valued.  ‘Woman’ she also decided is neither a fixed entity nor intrinsic to the female human being but created by society and is an identity that shifts with time and culture.  In other words, in the words of the book’s most famous line ‘one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’.

 The book inspired and motivated a generation to agitate for change.  Indeed much has changed since Beauvoir wrote: anti-discrimination legislation has been passed, there are more career and education opportunities for woman etc.  But much still needs to change: the pay gap still exists and women continue to experience violence in the form of domestic abuse, rape and trafficking in large numbers.

We would be enormously pleased if you and your group were to support this by answering the question ‘what is a woman in 2009’, providing a short quote, poem or doodle and if possible a photograph to go along with this. You can email us your contributions or join our facebook page “Scottish women’s aid”  

I have attached an info rmation sheet on The Second Sex for your info rmation.


Ellie Hutchinson

Administration Information Worker


Scottish Women’s Aid

2nd Floor 132 Rose Street



0131 226 6606

Scottish Women’s Aid Charity No SC001099 is recognised as a charitable organisation by the Inland Revenue in Scotland .

The information in this email (and any attachments) is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. If you are not the named addressee you must not use, disclose, distribute, copy, print or rely on the contents of this email and should destroy it immediately. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee that this message or any attachment is virus free or has not been intercepted and amended. While every reasonable precaution has been taken to minimise this risk, we cannot accept liability for any damage which you sustain as a result of software viruses. You should therefore carry out your own virus checks before opening any attachments.

The views of the author may not necessarily reflect those of Scottish Women’s Aid.





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Telling our stories – Polish Version

W poszukiwaniu historii kobiet


Istnieją statystyki mówiące, że jedna na cztery kobiety doświadczyła gwałtu lub próby gwałtu w ciągu swojego życia; mówiące, że żadne z gwałtów nie kończą się skazaniem, że skala domowych gwałtów przy użyciu przemocy jest przeogromna, że napastowanie uliczne to olbrzymi problem. Jednak nic nie wskazuje na to, żeby pozostawały one w naszej pamięci; są tak niemożliwie wielkimi liczbami, że często nie wydają się wystarczająco osobiste, aby być odbierane jako realne.

Jednakże, dla tych, spośród nas, które są tą jedną z czterech lub które były bądź wciąż trwają  w związku, w którym ma miejsce przemoc i znęcanie się, statystyki te są aż nazbyt osobiste. W Międzynarodowym Dniu Kobiet (8 Marca), kobiety i popierający akcję mężczyźni, będą maszerować ulicami Edynburga, aby okazać swój gniew na społeczeństwo, które raczej pozwala kobietom żyć w nieustannym strachu przed przemocą, niż przyłączą się do walki z nią. Oprócz tego, chcemy założyć forum, na którym kobiety, które doświadczyły jakiejkolwiek przemocy (gwałtu, wykorzystania seksualnego, maltretowania w rodzinie, skrzywdzenia emocjonalnego, napastowania ulicznego, okaleczenia narządów płciowych) jak i te, które doświadczyły życia w strachu przed przemocą, nawet jeśli chodzi tu jedynie o spacer wieczorną porą, mogą zostać wysłuchane.

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowana/y tym pomysłem, chcielibyśmy zamieścić Twoją historię w magazynie, który stworzymy i rozprowadzimy po Edynburgu, aby jasno dowieść, iż przemoc w stosunku do kobiet jest problemem w naszym mieście i że należy to zmienić. Nie ma tutaj żadnego nacisku; chcemy zapewnić forum dla tych, które zechce opowiedzieć swoją historię. Jeśli nie chcesz, lub nie czujesz się gotowa, nie musisz tego robić. Wybór należy do Ciebie.


Reclaim the Night Edinburgh

124 Fernieside Crescent

EH17 7DH

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